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Going abroad for your dental care?

What you need to know before you go...


Yes there is a registration in Hungary also, but all our dentists  workjing in London have UK registration:

  • Dr. Attila Halasz GDC number 145336
  • Dr Norbert Nagy-Matyas - GDC number 254398
  • Dr CSilla Ehreth - GDC no 185549
  • Dr Eniko Pais - GDC no 268360

You can check if a dentist is registered in the UK by visiting the website,, and searching the online register or by calling on 0845 222 4141.

Initial consultation
Questions to ask:
Who will be carrying out my treatment and what qualifications do they have?
To learn more about our dentists, please visit the Our Team page.

Will the dental team speak English? If not, will you provide a translator on the day of the procedure?
All staff at BHMS speak fluent English.

Do you have any references or testimonials from previous patients?
Since 2006 British Hungarian Medical Service has treated more than 4000 British and Irish patients. Please feel free to browse some of their feedbacks here.

How many times have you carried out the procedure I am having? What are the rates of success, complication, readmission and infection?
British Hungarian Medical Service offers advanced, high quality, affordable dentistry in London and Budapest. We use the most up-to-date modern equipment and maintain very high hygiene standards. We do all of this to ensure your safety and comfort. Our success rate at the clinic exceeds 98%, a very admirable rate indeed...

Are you regulated by a professional body and do you have to be registered with them?
All our dentists are registered at the Hungarian Chamber of Doctors and have liability insurance at Allianz Hungaria.

Is the work guaranteed for a certain period of time?
For details please visit the treatment guarantee page.

What aftercare do you provide?
Our London practice - london-dental-implant assists with consultations, aftercare and on-gong treatment

What happens if I am unhappy with the results? Who pays for the extra flights, hotel and remedial work?
This happens very rarely, however, each situation is assessed on its merits and acted upon accordingly. It may be possible to rectify the problems in London, however, if the patient has to fly to Budapest, they will normally need to cover their own travelling and accommodation expenses.

If there are complications and I need further treatment, is this included in the initial cost?
In case of any change in the treatment we provide a new treatment plan

Do you have insurance to cover this procedure?
Yes, both the surgery and the dentists have insurance.

Who can I contact for advice after the treatment?
BHMS have a 24 hour emergency number and your dentist will give you a call within 24 hours should you need to speak the him or her.