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Dentist Budapest Hungary - Dentist London England

You could save up to 50% of the cost of your dental treatment

Our many years of experience in dentistry ensures a high quality, excellent service

Why choose us?

Our private dental practice in Battersea, SW London is in Zone 2, with excellent public transport links and convenient parking (free for 1 hour) and we have a sister surgery in Budapest, Hungary

Extensive dental experience with affordable prices

More than 20,000 satisfied patients have been treated since 2005 in Budapest, London and Geneva

Initial consultation & dental planning in London, treatment in Budapest, follow-up and aftercare in London

Complete tooth replace with a dental implant in Budapest from £1160, same in London from £1750. Dental crown in Budapest from £225, same in London from £495

Discover our dental clinic in Budapest and London



Dr. Attila Halasz

Clinical Director & Principle Dentist, GDC Registered Specialist Oral Surgeon

Dr. Krisztina Zoltan

General Dentist & Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. Bernadett Gal

General Dentist

Dr. Fruzsina Nadaskay

General Dentist & Oral Surgeon

Dr. Gergely Molnar

General Dentist & Oral Surgeon

Dr. Krisztian Makra

General Dentist

Dr. Gergely Soós

General Dentist

Dr. Daniel Berndt

General Dentist

Dr. Agnes Sylvester

General Dentist

Dr. Eszter Szitar-Csanadi

General Dentist

Dr. Julia Hallgató

General Dentist

Dr. Andrea Lukacs


Dr. Karolina Kollar

General Dentist

Dr. Olga Fritz

General Dentist

Dr. Agoston Radó

General Dentist

Viktória Vicze

Senior Dental Nurse

Krisztina altal

Dental Hygienist

Gabriella Sagi

Dental Hygienist

Erika Kiss

Dental Hygienist

Zsuzsanna Roland

Anaesthetist Nurse

Bernadett Spitz

Dental Hygienist

Kitti Nemeth

Dental Hygienist

Renata Horvath

Dental Hygienist

Dr. Attila Halasz

Implantologist & Oral Surgeon
M.SC. (Master of Science)

D.D.S. (Doctor of Dental Sciences)

M.o.M. (Master of Oral Medicine)

GDC Registered Specialist in Oral Surgery

Kata Hruscova

Dental Nurse
GDC Registered 

Orsolya Antal

Senior Dental Nurse

Agnes Tuba

Customer Care Manager

David Tanarki

Patient Co-ordinator and Office Manager

Tunde Dobos

Patient Co-ordinator

Marton Abadi

Patient Co-ordinator

Bianka Borzak

Patient Co-ordinator


About Us

Conveniently located in Battersea, SW11, London, our dental practice is easily accessible by car and public transport. Our modern dentistry offers professional services and treatment at affordable prices. With an excellent reputation and extensive experience, our dental team comprises of specialists and general dentists in both Budapest and in London. Both practices are equipped with the latest technology that meets CQC standards.


Why Budapest?

Hungary is acknowledged as having a fantastic reputation for producing highly skilled dentists and oral surgeons from two major universities, Semmelweis in Budapest and the University of Szeged. Whilst this was a well-kept secret for years, many overseas patients from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia etc have long been travelling to Budapest for their dental treatment. Since EU expansion, this has opened the doors for UK patients to also enjoy the great benefits of these well-educated, professional dentists.

Also, dental treatment is generally cheaper in Hungary than in the UK. Quality is not compromised, the surgeries are modern and clean, offering the latest technology and equipment to ease the dental experience. With up to 50% savings to be made in comparison to usual UK prices, patients will enjoy excellent dental care in beautiful Budapest, a popular tourist destination and vibrant city.

English speaking staff from the dentists, nurses, patient coordinators and drivers are all there to help our foreign patients enjoy the best experience possible. Along with the back-up of the team in London who guide patients through the process, it’s a win-win situation.

Working closely with our sister surgery in London, aftercare and interim appointments are carried out at the London practice in Battersea.

Why London?

When Budapest is not a viable option (not cost effective, no holidays left, don’t want to travel) the team in Battersea, London are happy to offer the same great service. Welcoming patients to a modern, well equipped surgery with modern diagnostic tools (panoramic digital x-ray and CT scan), patients will have a thorough examination and, in most cases, a same day dental plan outlining the proposed treatment along with costs. Experienced, highly skilled GDC registered Hungarian dentists, surgeons and nurses will carry out treatment to the same high standards as you would expect at any privately-run UK dentistry but without the overinflated prices.

An added benefit is the option to apply for finance.

Spread the cost of your treatment (UK only) with 0% finance. London-Dental-Implant offers both interest free financing to patients, which includes loans from £250 to £25000 with payment plans to suit individual needs. Borrow the full amount (up to £25000) or take additional funds to top up your savings. No deposit needed.

All loans are subject to credit checks, status and terms and conditions. Loans are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Hungarian Dentacare Limited Authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as a broker (not a lender).

Amount borrowed Treatment Price per week Price per month Amount repaid Duration APR
£1620 1 Single Tooth Replacement with Alpha Bio Implant £15.6 £67.5 £1620 24 months 0%
£3330 6 x Zirconium & Temps £32 £138.75 £3330 24 months 0%
£6900 Implant Supported Overdenture with 4 Alpha Bio Implants £66.3 £287.5 £6900 24 months 0%
£10,000 Additional Finance Towards Treatment £64.10 £277.00 £10,000 24 months 0%
£20,000 Additional Finance Towards Treatment £128.20 £555.55 £20,000 24 months 0%

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Before / After


Prices in Budapest

White Composite Fillings from £75
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown from £265
Zirconium Crown from £350
Dental Implants (complete tooth replacement) from £1150
Dentures from £150
Implant Supported Overdenture with 4 implants from £5315
All-On-Four from £7990

Prices in London

White Composite Fillings from £79
Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown from £595
Zirconium Crown from £695
Dental Implants (complete tooth replacement) from £2100
Dentures from £295
Implant Supported Overdenture with 4 implants from £3125
All-On-Four POA

6-unit Porcelain Fused to Metal Bridge

  • 6 x Temporary Crowns
  • 6 x Permanent Crowns
  • Total Cost in Budapest £1770
  • Total Cost in London £2730

Single Tooth Replacement with an Alpha Bio Implant

  • Alpha Bio Implant & Abutment
  • Healing Screw, Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown
  • Post-op check, medication
  • Total Cost in Budapest - £1130
  • Total Cost in London - £1620

Upper OR Lower Jaw Restoration with Implant Supported Overdenture

  • 4 Alpha Bio Dental Implants
  • 4 Standard Abutments
  • 4 x Healing Screws
  • Medication, Post-op Appointment
  • Upper OR Lower Implant Supported Overdentures
  • Total Cost in Budapest - £5315
  • Total Cost in London - £7770


What do our patients think of us?

For the 1st time in years I have a proper smile :)

Shaun Jelley, London

A very professional and enjoyable experience. At no time was I judged by the condition of my teeth at the start of the process, but the end result was more than I expected. A fantastic team that know the meaning of customer care. :-)

M Darler, Weymouth, Dorset

Apologies, I meant to drop you a line to say thanks very much for my dental implants. I'm absolutely delighted with the end result, it's made a huge difference to me and I can't recommend your team highly enough. At every stage the advice you gave was clear and the costs transparent, and whilst it took a little longer than anticipated, it was worth the wait! Please pass on my thanks to Norbert and the team.

Phil W, London

Such a professional, caring service. Excellent result, 10/10 all round. Very pleased. Staff and premises 1st class. 

Pat Bishop, Old Windsor

I would like to thank you for the interventions carried out on Monday and Tuesday. The professionalism, calmness and kindness what I experience when I am at your premises is spectacular - I could only summarize it in three words: "world class service".

Sandor D, Ruislip

I am very happy with the service, I received. The dentists are excellent, many thanks for all the staff at London Dental Implant. I will always come back to this clinic, and highly recommend to everyone.

T. N., London

Just a note to let you know how delighted I am with my new smile. Dr. Forster has done an amazing job and I can't thank him enough. I didn't really see the full effect until Monday evening when I arrived home from London. Initially my face was frozen with anaesthetic, so my mouth wouldn't move properly. I was a bit worried because I couldn't speak
properly although the rational side of my brain told me this would be OK when the feeling returned.
When we got home about 5 hours after leaving, I gave myself a big smile in the mirror, and my husband and I literally fell about laughing because it had made such a change in a good way. He of course loves me anyway, but I didn't love myself.
Anyhow, I've been going out and about unleashing the full beam on unsuspecting passers-by. My slight lisp is improving. I returned to work the day after fitting and saw five patients including two Autism assessments, so lots of heavy duty talking. It felt fine and the lisp wasn't too noticeable. My work colleagues were all impressed and some have asked me for details.
I will be back in September for a check-up and will probably return to Budapest next year for annual check because I've grown to love the City.
My husband is a bit jealous so he's wondering what he could have done.
Thank you again Agnes for your patience. It's been a long journey but we got there in the end. I would like to add how much time and care Dr Forster took to get not only cosmetic aspect right but also functionality Please convey my thanks to Dr Forster.

Judy Jones, Durham

Nearly three years ago after increasing dental problems which had got worse over time I took the final decision, which I had been pondering for years, namely to undergo extensive implant work which I knew from my researches was going to be the only permanent solution to my problem . Having had plates temporary and permanent which required to be extended as the problems spread was not the way forward. I was aware of dental tourism, looked into it fully and became aware of the major centres worldwide, what they had to offer, potential costs, plus points and minuses. I also looked at and obtained suggestions and potential costings considerably nearer to home. The concept of having dental work carried by someone unknown hundreds of miles away is not one that immediately appealed. What if there were problems? What is the comeback if something goes wrong? Who am I dealing with? How long has a potential clinic been operating? Are the dentists properly trained , insured and registered ? Is there a significant saving but not to the prejudice of standards or quality of work?  Is there a UK presence, representative or clinic? To cut a long story short, I isolated Hungary and Budapest in particular as the place I wished to have my treatment carried out. I travelled there and obtained plans and quotations from several clinics including yours. My wife enjoyed the delightful sightseeing. I returned home and considered my options. I have to say that I found all the clinics impressive and most business-like in their presentations, it was a difficult decision but I appreciated the extra personal touch that I felt your clinic had exhibited and I did appreciate that some of my treatment could be carried out at your clinic in London which is exactly what happened . Bottom line, after many months my extensive treatment has now been concluded and has lived up to everything I could have hoped for and more.  The level of personal service that has been exhibited by everyone throughout the company be they dentist, implantologist, driver, office administrator has been absolutely first class . Any questions I had whether relating to dentistry, treatment, scheduling, travel provoked an immediate and proper response .  The hotels were spot on and, most importantly ,   I am delighted with the finished job . Many thanks, indeed!

Mike Smart, Edinburgh, Scotland

All treatment was very carefully done and very good. I was surprised how relaxed I felt with all the treatment.

Jackie J, Windsor

By this afternoon my mouth was fine, and all is comfortable. So, thank you for all your hard work, and the efforts of your nurses and assistants and anyone else who deserves thanks. I am glad to have teeth back in my mouth.

Teresa, Surrey

I would like to thank you and all of the excellent people who work for the London Dental Implant & British-Hungarian Medical Service companies. I have just completed my second visit to Budapest and now have 5 crowns and a precision denture which in combination have transformed my upper teeth. The aesthetic result has surpassed my expectation. Just as importantly, the whole treatment has been carried out by highly professional people who took time to explain their procedures and to ensure that I understood them. I was impressed by both the Buda and the Pest clinics which were using high quality, state of the art equipment and procedures. 
The high levels of professionalism and quality demonstrated by Dr Schmidt and Dr Halasz were also exhibited by all of  people who I interacted with including the administrators and the drivers.
I personal found it beneficial to have  the opportunity to have a consultation in London, as this enable me to develop confidence in your services, prior to travelling to Budapest for treatment. I also found it beneficial to have the option to have some elements of my treatment carried out in London at the weekend so that I could minimise the amount of time away from my work.
Would you please pass my appreciation on to the people who treated me.

Best regards, Ian BSc, MIET, CEng, FAPM

Ian Marr, Cumbria

Despite not being local to us, we have happily made London Dental Implant Practice our regular dentist. The equipment is of the highest quality and up to date with the latest innovations. We have had implants in the past, and would do so again should the need arise, but as a regular customer for checks and hygiene appointments currently, the service is equally superb. The whole team of people are so supportive, well informed and caring, always making you feel at ease, from the minute you step into reception! The implants we have had in the past have proved to be excellent, and, as usual after a recent hygiene visit, you really feel that it has made a difference. A first class practice which we can thoroughly recommend without hesitation.

Margaret and Edward Shevlane, Sandgate, Kent

I have just completed my dental implant treatment at London Dental Implant.  I received excellent treatment and I was totally impressed with everyone’s professionalism.  Agnes Tuba (Customer Care Manager) spent hours answering all my questions beforehand in order to prepare me for the long process.  Her input was integral to my decision to have my dental implant.  I followed all their advice and had no complications.  Normally I dread going to the dentist, but the staff at London Dental Implant made my visits a pleasant experience.  I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking dental implants as I received first class treatment. Thank you very much.

Jacquie, London

I am a GP in Waltham Abbey and I have referred several patients to the British Hungarian Medical Service for dental implants and other treatment. There has been universal satisfaction with the treatment. On the advice of my Dentist at home I decided to have treatment myself with the Hungarian Dentists.  Their work is of the highest standard. They discuss every phase of the treatment in good and simple English. They keep you totally pain free at all times and only say that the work is complete when both the patient and the Dentist have been satisfied with the result. Excellent value for money.

Dr. S.R.Engineer Waltham Abbey, Essex, UK

Just a short note to formally express my sincere thanks to you and LDI staff for the exemplary treatment I received over the past few months. First of all I bombarded you with questions which you answered with patience, knowledge, honesty and empathy and this really put my mind at ease.
Then my implant programme was undertaken by doctors who treated me with kindness, respect and dignity.  Please extend special thanks to Dr Attila and the assistants... also to Emoke who has GREAT EXPECTATIONS!

Once again thank you all for my wonderful birthday gift and very best wishes.

K C, London