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Precision Attached Dentures - a case study

This patient had 11 teeth, but did not want to have an implant procedure, so we advised a mixed solution of partially fixed bridges on the front and a precision attachment denture, which is supported by the bridge. This picture shows the impression, which was taken of the filed teeth.

Precision Attached Dentures 1Precision Attached Dentures 2

It is apparent that these teeth are ground down with step preparation, which means that on the outer surface there is a line under the gum line, which is looking like a step. On the inner surface, the line is above the gum line. The prepared teeth need to have the same angle to receive a bridge.

Precision Attached Dentures 3Precision Attached Dentures 4

This shows the lower mould with the new bridge and the precision attachment.

Precision Attached Dentures 5Precision Attached Dentures 6

This shows the upper mould, where you can see, that there is no palate side required because the denture is mostly supported by the fixed part.

Precision Attached Dentures 7Precision Attached Dentures 8

This is the relationship of the two jaws and the new teeth.

Precision Attached Dentures 9Precision Attached Dentures 10

These four pictures show the end result. The patient has received his smile and confidence back!

Precision Attached Dentures 11Precision Attached Dentures 12Precision Attached Dentures 13Precision Attached Dentures 14