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22 Dental Crowns - Case Study

A  middle-aged  woman arrived  in  our  surgery  in  Budapest. She  was  very  healthy,  her  medical  condition  was  very  good and  she  had  no any  major  illness. The dental  status showed she had problems with the aesthetics of her teeth. The main problem was the discolouration of her teeth. She had received direct-bonded composite veneers on all her front and premolar teeth 2 years ago. The colour of these veneers were fine,but the weakness caused the reflection of the actual discolouration from the inside. We noticed the handicapped appearance of the teeth’ angle. All the upper and lower teeth were leaning in. We offered her a more natural outcome with total new set of  zirconium framed teeth on the front area.

Dental Crowns 1Dental Crowns 2

On the first meeting we made a dental mock-up. This technique gives a solution for the patient to know how the new teeth will eventually look. We rebuilt the teeth with the new shape using composite fillings on the surface. The client was happy with the new look, and so we took impressions for the dental lab and ourselves so we know what the result will be. We made temporary crowns for the exisiting teeth. Finally,we made a 0.5 mm raised bite level,because all the lower teeth were protruding , as well as the upper teeth.

The next pictures are show how the teeth looked on the model.

Dental Crowns 3Dental Crowns 4

The result show a very nice new appearance. The patient received 22 new zirconium framed porcelain teeth. We  gave her the option of a nice colour with whitish base,  the maximum whiteness with an totally natural look. The original colour was a grey based and seemed artificial. As a result, she received a total restoration for poor aesthetics and it gave her a better life in many aspects.  The client was totally happy with the result and more confident to smile!

Dental Crowns 5Dental Crowns 6