Cone Beam

British Hungarian Medical Service is proud to introduce the i-CAT Cone Beam 3-D Imaging System for dental and maxillofacial imaging.

Why Dental CT Scan Is Really Essential in certain dental cases?
The dental CT image offers you a third dimension. It's easy to understand and allows you to see clear anatomy that has previously not been available with traditional scansor X-rays.

This further enhances our client's experience as he is safe in the knowledge that he is getting the best available technology.

Why panoramic X-ray image is not enough?
Cone beam images provide undistorted and accurate views of the jaws.

Another key difference is that CT images provide different views (cross-sectional, axial, coronal, sagittal, etc.)

This allows CT images to seperate out the various structures in complecated cases.

This cutting-edge technology produces better results, reduces costs and provides more accurate information for expanding general dentistry, oral surgery and implantology.